Master of Nursing Program

Master of Nursing (MN) Program in 4 specialty areas:
1. Women Health & Development
2. Adult Nursing
3. Child Health Nursing
4. Psychiatric Nursing.

To produce nurses who are capable of working at higher managerial level positions at the government offices, hospitals, academic institutions, research areas and nongovernmental organizations.

First Year

1. Nursing Theories & Models
2. Epidemiology &Statistics
3. Nursing Research
4. Trends & Issues in Nursing
5. Advance Nursing I(Theory)-Speciality
 Women Health & Development
 Adult Nursing
 Child health Nursing
 Psychiatric Nursing
6. Advance Nursing I(Practical)-Speciality
 Women Health & Development
 Adult Nursing
 Child health Nursing
7.Educational Science
Second Year

Specialty Courses 1. Advanced Nursing II–( Theory) – Specialty
2. Advanced Nursing II– (Practical) – Specialty
3. Thesis Writing & Viva Voce – Core
Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission in the MN programme are as follows:
 A baccalaureate degree in nursing (BN /BNS/ B.Sc. Nursing
 A minimum of two years of teaching or clinical experience in nursing following completion of BN/BNS or B.Sc. Nursing.
 Entrance test is required for all the candidates and selection will be done purely on merit basis.
 Admission seat in the master of nursing programme depends on IOM policy.