About Maharajgunj Nursing Campus

In the year 2042, the Mahabouddha Nursing Campus was transferred to a building  with the help of the Japanese government and the name of this campus became Nursing Campus Maharajgunj. From the year B.S. 2051, postgraduate level and  from B.S. 2062, an additional 4 years of B. Sc. Nursing  are also being taught. Similarly, since the year 2068, PhD Nursing have also started in this campus. So far, 4 students have also been awarded the title of PhD.

In the year 2063, this nursing campus has celebrated its golden jubilee (50 years) of its establishment. This nursing campus, which has made a history of six decades, has advanced itself in areas such as additional physical infrastructure, development of educational departments, human resource development, economic development and sustainability and policy reforms, and has reached its present state by improving the curriculum in a timely manner. Adopting the policy of higher education Proficiency certificate level has been abolished since 2072.Students from various districts of the country, including Kathmandu valley, who excel in the entrance exam, come to study in this campus.


By improving the physical, academic, administrative and educational management of this campus, the process to get the quality assurance and accreditation certificate from the University Grants Commission has been advanced. After receiving letter of intent from University Grants Commission, this campus has prepared a five-year strategy to operate according to the policy of higher education project.

The vision of Maharajgunj Nursing Campus is to produce Nursing and Midwifery Human resources to meet the needs of universal health coverage reaching to National goals with highest level of academic excellence in Nepal.

Our mission is to prepare nursing and midwifery human resources to lead and transform the care in a rapidly changing, diverse and complex healthcare environment through academic excellence, innovative research, and strong partnership incorporating global initiatives.

To provide quality nursing education.
To prepare qualified and skilled nurses of different levels as per the need of the country.
To render preventive, promotive and curative services through different academic activities.
To expand nursing knowledge through nursing research.


• To initiate the exceptional academic programs in relation to country’s needs, trends and changes in health care.
• To develop education, information, and management system (EIMS) for enhancing e-friendly communication in campus.
• To establish well equipped skill laboratories for improvement of performance quality of the students.
• To establish the staff development program in the campus for professional development.
• To establish quality assurance mechanism in collaboration with higher authorities.
• To develop partnerships for expansion of global learning experiences in abroad and national context. 
• To establish collaborative partnerships with internal and external universities/ institutions.

• विभिन्न शैक्षिक गतिविधिहरू मार्फत निवारक, प्रवर्द्धन र उपचारात्मक सेवाहरू प्रदान गर्न।

• नर्सिङ अनुसन्धान मार्फत नर्सिङ ज्ञान विस्तार गर्न।

Why MNC?

Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculties

Well educated, well trained and experienced faculties and teachers

Advanced Clinical Facilities

Different well renowned hospitals and field areas.

Congenial Environment

Friendly and co operative staffs to work and deal with your works. 

Simulation based Skill Labs

Simulation based skill labs to make our students more practical.

Library And E-Books

A well furnished and well equipped library for better study of our students.

Community Field Areas

Lots of residential and concurrent field areas with proper transportation services.