Child Health Nursing Department

Child Health Nursing Department







Tulashi Adhikari Mishra
Associate Professor
HoD Child Health Nursing
Maharajgunj Nursing Campus

A Child health Nurse (pediatric nurse) is involved in all aspects of child care. The major concern of child health is to protect children from illness and injury, assist them to attain optimum growth and development regardless of their  health problems, provide proper care to the sick and injured and also provide rehabilitation. The child health department plays a great role in the development of such skills through the proper guidance and mentoring of enrolled students. Child Health Nursing education has a long history ever since the initiation of nursing education in Nepal and Maharajgunj Nursing Campus is the pioneer nursing campus in nursing education. Initially child health nursing was included in the course of Proficiency Certificate Level  (PCL) Nursing as a core subject named as Nursing Care of Children, since then it has passed through several milestone and reached to MN Program in Advanced Child Health Nursing since 2001 AD.

Child Health Nursing Department plans prior to  the start of the academic year so that the students in different programs will get the opportunity to learn the required knowledge, skills and attitude. Knowledgeable and skilled teachers  teach theory classes to the students certain skills in the pediatric skill lab before going to before they are exposed to the clinical area. Students get  the opportunity to have demonstration of certain skills in the pediatric skill lab before going to clinical. Students are exposed to different areas like medical ward, surgical ward, emergency, NICU, PICU, SICU, Oncology Unit, Nutritional Rehabilitation Center, Immunization Clinic, Well Baby Clinic, School Health Program etc, according to their course requirement, perform neonatal physical examination, pediatric physical examination, case study, case presentation, toy exhibition, school exhibition, health teaching, ward construction, module development, gap presentation according to their course requirement.

Faculty Members of Child Health Nursing Department


For the smooth functioning of the activities of this department in the table a list of dedicated and qualified faculty members is given below.

Current Faculties in Pediatric Department

SN. Name Designation Remarks
1 Uma Devi Ranjitkar Associate Professor
2. Kamala Uprety Professor
3. Tulashi Adhikari Mishra Associate Professor Head of Department
4. Surya Koirala Associate Professor
5. Tumla Shrestha Associate Professor
6. Apsara Pandey Associate Professor
7. Aasha Sapkota Lecturer
8 . Bhagawaty Kalikotay Lecturer
9. Manisha Koirala Lecturer
10. Ajanta Singh Lecturer
11. Ambika Chand Lecturer
12. Pratima Sharma Lecturer
13. Merina Giri Assistant Professor

Only the qualified, skillful, satisfied, and empowered faculties can bring a positive change in the quality of the students so Child health nursing department is always concerned about this. Child Health Nursing department has conducted a research under a faculty grant from Maharajgunj Nursing Campus on the Fiscal Year 2078/2079. All the faculties are actively involved in different research activities receiving grant form different organization. This department is also conducting different  training and workshop in the field of child health nursing so that the faculties will be able to update their knowledge and skill and will be able to contribute more in the quality of students.


Meeting with faculties Members