Generic B.Sc. Nursing Program

Eligibility Criteria for Admission
Candidate must have passed 10+2 Science from recognized institute securing at least 50% marks in aggregate with major subject as Biology. Students for the program are selected according to the merit list of entrance examination conducted by the Institute of Medicine.

Courses Offered

First Year

1.      Integrated Health Sciences I (Th)

2.      Integrated Health Sciences II (Th)

3.      Integrated Health Sciences (Pr)

4.      Fundamentals of Nursing (Th)

5.      Fundamentals of Nursing (Pr)

6.      Community Health Nursing I (Th)

7.      Community Health Nursing I (Pr)

8.      Nutrition & Diet Therapy (Th)

Second Year

1.      Adult Nursing I

2.      Adult Nursing  II

3.      Geriatric Nursing (Th)

4.      Adult & Geriatric Nursing (Pr)

5.      Psychiatric Nursing (Th)

6.      Psychiatric Nursing (Pr)

7.      Nursing Concepts (Th)

8.      Social  & Behavioral Science (Th)

Third Year

1.      Midwifery Nursing I (Th)

2.      Midwifery Nursing I (Pr)

3.      Midwifery Nursing II (Th)

4.      Midwifery Nursing II (Pr)

5.      Child Health Nursing (Th)

6.      Child Health Nursing (Pr)

7.      Family & Reproductive Health Nursing (Th)

8.      Family & Reproductive Health Nursing (Pr)

Fourth Year

1.      Management & Health Economics (Th)

2.      Management (Pr)

3.      Educational Science  (Th)

4.      Educational Science  (Pr)

5.      Research & Biostatistics (Th)

6.      Research Practicum (Pr)