Research Management Cell (RMC)

Introduction of RMC

Research Management Cell (RMC) is defined as official cell/ Unit/ body formed by the Maharajgunj Nursing Campus (MNC). It was established in 2072 BS (2015 AD) to enhance and facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaboration, knowledge transfers, and training with the principal role of protecting research participants while taking into account the interests of the researcher and the research. Respect for autonomy, beneficence, and justice should be followed to protect the right of the research participants. Thus the principal role of RMC is to analyze and assess the risk/benefits ratio of research.

This guideline of RMC applies to the establishment and governance of the Research Management Cell at the MNC. The Cell provides facilities for researchers to conduct the research. The cell will be an autonomous committee for excellence in research, supporting mini-research projects for faculty members and students annually. The cell will invest its resources in different research projects according to a national priority. The cell will conduct seminars/ workshops/summits for the faculty members and students to strengthen the research culture.

RMC has a separate room with a separate well-furnished office within the campus. The cell will possess an office with desktop computers and laptops, and a printer (multi-functional)


The research management cell (RMC) envisioned proactively engaging in scientific research activities in nursing, midwifery, and other health sciences to promote evidence-based practice. (Future plan)


The RMC mission is to lead and participate in research activities with multidimensional collaboration by building a network with various National and International platforms to enhance professionalism and address societal needs. In this regard, RMC will create and utilize knowledge being consistent with progress in nursing and midwifery education and practice globally.

Departmental Research Grants 2024 (2080) Proposal Guideline

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