As the first educational institution to provide nursing education, this Maharajganj Nursing Campus was established in In the year 2013, Surendra Bhavan was started as a nursing school under the then government of His Highness, Directorate of Health Services. The school was transferred to Mahavauddha via Surendra Bhawan Kshetrapati and renamed as Mahavauddha Nursing School. Along with the new education system of 2028, the nursing school was placed under the Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medical Sciences and named as Mahabuddha Nursing Campus after being recognized as Proficiency Certificate level. After that, from the year 2033, undergraduate studies were conducted in the said campus.

The present building of Maharajganj Nursing Campus was built in 2042 with the help of the Japanese government and is being used for teaching and learning with the necessary furniture and equipment. Students consider themselves lucky to have the opportunity to study in this campus as well as those who score the highest marks in the entrance exam. The clean, clean and secluded environment of this campus, large and modern equipped T.V. Due to the proximity of the hospital, the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students will be acquired, so the demand for the produced nursing manpower remains in the country and abroad. In accordance with the policy of the Government of Nepal, which adjusts to international educational standards, the proficiency certificate level operated in this campus has been discontinued for new admissions from the academic year 2072/73, and teaching is being done up to the undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate levels.

For the success of any educational activity, the three-way contribution of students, teachers and administration is important. The students of this campus are disciplined, hardworking and diligent and the teachers are conscientious and always dedicated to their students. Since the campus administration has the responsibility of adapting the internal and external infrastructure of the campus for the educational programs conducted in this campus, I would like to express my gratitude to all the concerned students, teachers and staff while maintaining the best possible efforts in this regard.

Prof. Muna Rana Thapa
Campus Chief
Maharajganj Nursing Campus, Maharajganj.

Prof. Muna Rana Thapa

Campus Chief

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Maharajgunj Nursing Campus is a pioneer Nursing Campus in Nepal since its inception in 1956 AD with 15 students admitted in school of nursing under the Directorate of Health Services, Ministry of Health. It has stepped up its milestone in 1972 AD with the introduction of new education system and came under the Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University and named as Mahaboudha Nursing campus. The campus was moved to Maharajgunj in 1986 AD and renamed finally as Maharajgunj Nursing Campus. 


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